Friday, January 21, 2011

Question O: Future

I think that all of what I’ve learned over the past few weeks are issues that need to be addressed by more members of society. I think something that I can realistically do is talk to those around me, friends/family/co-workers etc., and open their eyes to the importance of the –ism’s that I’ve learned. I agree with what Johnson states in the book “A key to the continued existence of every system of privilege is unawareness, because privilege contradicts so many basic human values that it invariably arouses opposition when people know about it.” If everyone can spread that there are many issues of oppression, privilege and misogyny still today and try to push change then I think that’d be a solid start for something to do. I think to affect the people in my sphere of influence I need to show my passion for what I’m talking about and provide solid examples that still exist today. I think if people in our culture can stand up for what is right and speak up when they see a form oppression then that would also help with the effort to end a lot of negativity out there in the world today. 

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  1. I agree that the most realistic thing most of us can do is talk to the people that surround us everyday like our family and friends. It's very true to actually make an impact to those people is to take the knowledge we've learned from this course by providing examples. I think a huge problem is stereotypes, but with the amount we've learned in this course we can speak up and tell people about the oppression that is out there.